Why A Farm Journal?
by Kagen

As we begin this next chapter of our farm's journey, with our new home farm on Maple Hill and a new name on the store shelves, I ask myself how will we tell our farm's story? Our philosophy, our practices, what kind of farm are we? Do the people eating our produce even care about the kind of farm their food comes from? I consider myself fortunate to farm in a community where the answer to the last question seems to be a simple and resounding yes. To describe something as complex as agricultural philosophy and practice however, I think deserves a little more nuance. Short answer: We are a small-scale organic farm, but that is a conversation that never ends. Look to this page for announcements, reflections, and ramblings from the whole cast here at Blackbird Organics. We hope through these vignettes of our farm we can, over time, paint a fuller picture of what is going on around here.