2023 Plant Sale

Our plant sale offers a wide variety of annual vegetable, flower and herbs seedlings to get your garden started off strong. Our greenhouse is located at 989 Maple Hill Rd, Plainfield, VT (on your left, just a mile up the hill past Plainfield Village). Full list of varieties outlined below.


4-pack- $5
3.5 inch pot $3.5
Hanging Basket $25


We will be opening for business starting  May 13. We will be open 9 - 2 Saturdays and Sundays. Weekdays will be by chance or appointment. We will also have a selection of starts available at the Montpelier Farmers Market.

All of our plants are grown in Vermont Compost Company's Fort Vee and are certified organic *except for the hanging baskets which organically grown, but not certified. We start all but the petunias and pansies from seed ourselves, with the vast majority of our seeds coming from High Mowing Seeds in Wolcott, VT and Johnny's Selected Seeds in Winslow, ME

Tomatoes - available as 4-packs or 3.5 potted singles

  • Big Beef Plus -  red beefsteak, Indeterminate (vining)
  • Galahad - the all around red slicer, Determinate (bushy)
  • New Girl - extra early red slicer, Indeterminate (vining)
  • Defiant PhR - strongest disease resistance, Determinate (bushy)
  • Plum Regal - prolific plum, great for sauce, Determinate (bushy)
  • Granadero - past tomato with flawless fruit quality
  • Black Krim - Heirloom, purple/red
  • Valencia - Heirloom, light orange, less acidic
  • Striped German - Large heirloom, orange with red sunburst
  • Moskvich - Russian heirloom, excellent cold tolerance 
  • Pruden's Purple - Heirloom, early Brandywine type
  • Pink Brandywine - Heirloom, quintessential heirloom flavor
  • Supersweet 100 - prolific red cherry tomato
  • Sungold - popular orange cherry tomato with reputation for flavor
  • Sunsugar - similiar to sungold, but with better crack - resistance
  • Black Cherry - purple cherry tomato adds great contrast to salads

Onions - all onions come in open packs with 30-40 plants, which can be gently separated and planted now for late summer harveset

  • Patterson - med/large yellow with superior storage potential
  • Barolo - med/large red with good storage potential
  • Nabechan - japanese varietal of scallions with excellent flavor even when quite large for green onions
  • Tadorna - leeks with full size potential

Brassicas - All available in 4-packs

  • Kale - curly green, purple, lacinato ("Dino"), Russian or Mix
  • Collard Greens
  • Farao Cabbage - tender and sweet for fresh eating
  • Storage #4 Cabbage - large, heavy heads for storage or sauerkraut
  • Ruby Perfection - versatile purple cabbage
  • Bilko - napa cabbage
  • Eastern magic Broccoli - well adapted to New England, med crown
  • Belstar Broccoli - thick stem produces good sideshoots after first crown
  • Nautic - rot resistant brussel sprouts
  • Snow Crown - early cauliflower


  • Pansy/Viola - many colors, available in 3.5 potted singles
  • French Marigold - classic orange/yellow colors in 3.5 potted singles
  • Gem Marigolds -  small, citrusy, fragrant, edible flowers 4-packs
  • Alyssum "Carpet of Snow" - sprawling, small white flowers, 4-packs
  • Zinnias "Benarys Giant" - 4 packs
  • Nasturtium - 4packs
  • Hanging Baskets - trailing petunias, or nasturtium with alyssum

Eggplants - Available in 4-packs

  • Nadia - classic, large italian eggplant
  • A1014 - boring name, great plant. Super early italian eggplant
  • Orient Express - early, smaller asian eggplants, dark purple
  • Dairyu - full size asian eggplants, light purple
  • Dancer - light pink, shaped like an italian eggplant
  • Annina - marbled pink and white fruit
  • Galine - rounder, super glossy fruit, seems to succeed where others fail

Peppers - Available in 4-packs

  • Ace - most reliable, early green to red bell pepper
  • Sweet Sunrise - blocky, green to yellow bell pepper
  • Gourmet - highly flavorful green to orange bell pepper
  • Carmen - horn shaped red sweet pepper
  • Escamillo - horn shaped yellow sweet pepper
  • Jalafuego - hybrid jalapeno for high yields of med-jumbos
  • Garden Salsa - our personal favorite! bigger than jalapeno, milder heat
  • Highlander - green to red anaheim, moderate heat, great yields
  • Bastan - dark green poblano
  • Helios - early habanero, our hottest offering
  • Hot Rod - productive serrano
  • Red Flame - red cayennes, great for drying
  • Hungarian Hot Wax - yellow, orange, and red medley of med-heat peppers

Cucumbers, Squash and Melons - All available in 3.5 potted doubles

  • Marketmore - classic look, productive, all around cucumbers
  • Cool Customer - hybrid pickling cucumber
  • Stardust Zucchini - productive with attractive light flecking
  • Slick Pick Squash - yellow squash with lesser spines
  • Blacktail Mountain - adaptable red watermelon
  • Sangria - large, oblong, super sweet watermelon
  • Triton Cantaloupe - easy to ripen, orange cantaloupe
  • Honey Blonde - light, early honeydew
  • Long Pie - oblong pie pumpkin for baking
  • Waldo - hybrid butternut for good reliable crop
  • Buttercup - new england favorite for rich, dry texture
  • Honey Boat - caramel colored delicata, super sweet
  • Tetsukuboto - buttercup and butternut hybrid!
  • Starry Night - Acorn with beautiful flecked skin and rich flavor
  • Sunshine Kabocha - orange, early to ripen for a maxima type squash

Herbs, Greens and Other Miscellaneous:

  • Leisure Cilantro
  • Dill
  • Flat Parsley
  • Genovese Basil
  • Anise Hyssop
  • Tulsi "Holy Basil"
  • Bee Balm
  • Head Lettuce of Various kinds
  • Rainbow Swiss Chard
  • Sugar Snap Peas
  • Spinach